P E A R L   D E F I N I T I O N 

1) A hard, lustrous mass, that is formed around a grain of sand, found inside the shell of a pearl oyster and highly prized as a gem. 2) One that is choice or precious.

 M E T A P H Y S I C A L   P R O P E R T I E S 

Pearls are said to promote a sense of calmness, sincerity and purity. Wearing pearls will also enhance integrity and help women connect with their feminine side, releasing their inner goddess... 

 P E A R L  C O L O R S 

White: Purity, clarity and wisdom                     Peach: Health, balance and longevity

Gold: Wealth, abundance and longevity        Green: Balance, nature and growth

Pink: Love, compassion and happiness          Black: Trust, protection and stability

What's your fave?? Let's cover the world with glitter and pearls. Xoxo