Bezel Set Opihi Jewelry ©️2015 by Jasmine Tavares-Asis. 

Dripping in ‘Opihi ‘Awa Jewels

‘Opihi + Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Layered Necklaces

Ocean Jazz Maui Rings & Wrap Bracelets

‘Opihi Circle Necklace

African Turquoise + Tahitian Pearl Bracelets and Matching Jewelry

Labradorite + Tahitian Pearl Triple Wrap Bracelet

Labradorite + Tahitian Pearl Bracelets

A mix of Ocean Jazz Triple Wrap Bracelets

Hematite, African Turquoise + Swarovski Triple Wrap Bracelet on Black Leather

Mother of Pearl, Quartz + Freshwater Pearl Bracelet on Pearl White Leather

Mother of Pearl + Tahitian Pearl on Pearl White Leather

Freshwater Pearl, Quartz + Agate on Tan Leather

Hematite Bracelet

Triple Wrap Brass Bracelet on Dark Brown Leather

Labradorite, Agate, Moonstone + Quartz Bracelets

Agate, Freshwater Pearls + Quartz on Metallic Copper Leather

Hematite + Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Quartz + Tahitian Pearl Triple Wrap Bracelet

Agate + Tahitian Pearl Triple Wrap Bracelet

Denim Lapis Lazuli with a Large Freshwater Pearl

African Turquoise, Tahitian Pearls with a hanging 'Opihi Shell

A mix of Rose Quartz, Agate + Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

Freshwater Pearls on Metallic Copper Leather

White Freshwater Pearls with a Large Tahitian Pearl

Rose Quartz + Tahitian Pearl Bracelets with Hanging 'Opihi Charms

Brass Triple Wrap Bracelet

Hematite Bracelet with a Hanging 'Opihi

African Turquoise + Tahitian Pearls with a Hanging 'Opihi Charm

Freshwater Pearls on Metallic Copper Leather

White Freshwater Pearls with a Large Center Pearl

Quartz, Freshwater Pearl + Labradorite Triple Wrap Bracelet

Green Jasper + Freshwater Pearl Leather

White Freshwater Pearls with Large Center Pearls

Single Unisex African Turquoise Bracelet

Single Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Agate + Freshwater Pearls

Red Jasper + Tahitian Pearl on Dark Brown Leather

Rainbow Swarovski Triple Wrap Bracelet

Tan Jasper + Swarovski on Tan Leather

Jasper + Swarovski

Jasper + Swarovski on Pearl White Leather

Green Jasper + Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Freshwater Pearl Triple Wrap Bracelet

Ocean Jazz Bracelets

African Turquoise + Tahitian Pearls

African Turquoise, Tahitian Pearls + a shell charm. Yes!

Rose Quartz Luxe Bracelet