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It all started with a necklace. 

Have you ever received a gift that was totally awesome, very pretty, super cool...but never used it?

Well, that's how the Pikake Wrap started. 

I was given a freshwater pearl necklace as a birthday or Christmas gift, but never wore it. Although it was very beautiful, it just wasn't 'me'.

So it sat...and sat...in a box...on a shelf...probably for a couple of years. Yikes!

I decided to take the necklace apart and turn it into something else. The end result was great and I definitely used it!

That gifted necklace was the beginning of the Wrap Bracelet collection by Ocean Jazz. I guess that means I love the necklace even more!

ALOHA Jasmine

PS. This sunflower romper is one of my favorite ready-to-go outfits to use with the Pikake Wrap! Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's a cute and easy outfit that is ready to go! #almostsummer #mauisunflowers